Our wireless broadband network serves areas of Mohua Golden Bay the big boys can't reach.
We work hard to keep the network fast, cheap and stable.


Ultimate $103.50

per month, including GST

Up to 20Mbps down
Up to 12Mbps up

Good for several people with many devices, multiple streaming and online gaming.

Vital $80.50

per month, including GST

Up to 10Mbps down
Up to 6Mbps up

Good for smaller households, single streaming or online gaming.

Essential $57.50

per month, including GST

Up to 4Mbps down
Up to 4Mbps up

Good for video calls, Youtube and social networks.

Join us

How to join

Ubiquiti PowerBeam M5 400

To access our network you will need to be able to place a wireless access point (antenna) on or near your house, where it has line-of-sight to one of our transmitters (poles).

Contact us with your physical address to find out if you're in our coverage area.

The antenna will also need a power source, usually an AC socket, but a solar panel and battery are also fine (but more expensive).

We sell the antenna units at cost, and our technician will install and connect it. We charge a setup fee of $200 (inc. GST) for new installations, which contributes to maintenance and improvements on the network.

Our network

Our network has been running since 2010, and now covers areas including Kotinga, Hamama, Rameka, East Takaka, Bird Road, Pupu Valley and Rangihaeata.

We will consider covering other areas if there are ten or more households interested, and we can find suitable high points to mount the necessary transmitters.